THE WORKS WRISTBANDS Unlimited fun options for any day of the week

Fun Only or Food & Fun (includes the buffet!) Choose between 3 , 4 or 5 hours of fun!

Fun Only Wristbands Include:

• Attractions

• Jump Time


• Attractions

• Jump Time

• 3 Hour Buffet


Fun Only Option:

• 3 Hours - $33 per person

• 4 Hours - $39 per person

• 5 Hours - $43 per person

Food & Fun Option:

• 3 Hours - $38 per person

• 4 Hours - $44 per person

• 5 Hours - $48 per person

The Works Wristbands are available when the buffet is open. See location hours here: Hours

Does everyone need to have a wristband?

At this time, wristband purchase is not required. You may enter our facility and move around the park without purchasing anything. However, if you wish to enter the restaurant you must purchase a pass. We also sell smaller packages if you would like to participate in a few items but don’t need a wristband.

Can I reserve my spot?

Yes! You can pre-order your wristband here:

Reservations are not required, but they will secure your spot. We will be selling wristbands at the door, until we reach our capacity limit. If you are certain you will be visiting, we encourage you to pre-order. There are no refunds on wristbands.

Do I have to make a reservation?

Reservations (or pre-ordering) are optional but not required.

Do we need Craig's Cruisers jump socks?

Yes, if you want to jump in the trampoline park, we require Craig’s Cruisers jump socks. We don’t allow jump socks from other trampoline parks.